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Varicose Veins – Ablation Therapy

December 22, 2020


“Now what people discover accidentally. We discovered that by applying heat inside the vein, what you’re doing is you are not removing the vein physically, but you’re actually shrinking the vein to a non-existent channel. So you in theory are doing the exact same thing. You are constantly, you are closing that off for blood to return and blood steel, because now it’s shut because of the heat is being obligated to come back to your heart with the deeper veins. And so this is called ablation of the veins, and this ablation is done like I told you to heat. And that heat in to gross terms can be, can be applied through laser or radio frequency. Radio frequency is more like microwave kind of heat. And laser is laser heat. Just both apply an intense amount of heat, much bigger than boiling water if you can imagine inside your veins, to shut it down and eliminate that channel from your system.

And so the procedure of stripping often required general anesthesia. I’m fully aware, and I’ve done a few where local anesthesia and regional can be done. That is a little more cumbersome is usually done in a hospital setting to show up three hours before your procedure. All these people see you, you go to the hospital, get your procedure out, and then you go home the same day. Whether it be the bruising, you can do a few things that 20 minute at bruising, but still you end up with a pretty purple leg after, because you’re just ripping a vein out. And now with application of this new ablation techniques, we can do this in the office. We can do this in an average of 10 to 15 minutes from beginning to end, you can be done with a patient awake. All we give is a sedative an hour before the procedure so that patients are relaxed. Family members can be with them, holding their hands, watching what we’re doing, and people walk in your office and they walk out.”

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