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Varicose Veins – New Therapy Options

December 23, 2020


Medication this is close in agents having used also to shut down the bigger varicose veins and even the saphenous vein instead of heat, laser or radio frequency. Some people are actually treating this. And it’s interesting because I often attend meetings in Latin America and Latin America. They do not have the access to resources as we do in the United States. They are fairly limited in what they can offer. Just to give you an idea, this catheter for applicational laser is about $700, which can be more than a monthly salary for a full family in South America. So nobody has the money to pay grandma’s therapy for the leg. And so they have to apply this cheaper disclosing substances to the big veins and they claim good results. The problem with research in Latin America is less regulated than in this country. So even though I have here colleagues who mind telling me the fantastic results they have with the last 700 patients, they treated with sclerosing therapy, as opposed to laser, it’s not really well-documented in a paper that we can believe. And so that’s still experimental. One of the newer technologies now apply in this country, involves the application of these foams inside the vein instead of laser, which will be less painful and will be cheapening the costs associated with the therapy. But that’s like I say, investigational yet to be seen, all FDA approved, but it’s not still widely spread.

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