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Varicose Veins – Organizations

December 23, 2020


Professional societies that deal with the superficial problem are fairly much, pretty much the same as the professional societies involved with deep venous system. And those are mainly the two bigger one. This Congress had the American venous forum and the American college of phlebology. There’s a few differences, but I think it’s very important for providers like myself or people who dedicate their lives to vascular disease to be involved with these societies, because this is where most technologies that come to flow are discussed. They’re validated. This is where you share your experiences good or bad to other providers, and what you learn about this, these problems and how to serve your patients the best. And so once again, those are the two main societies in this country. There’s venous societies, regionally all across the globe. There’s actually some of them in my country, in Peru, there’s some of them in other Latin American countries, European countries, there’s a European venous forum. I would say this is pretty costly and time-consuming to attend all these meetings. But if you went to one or two, I think it’s beneficial to your patients, number one, and to your education in general.

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