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Varicose Veins – Overview

December 22, 2020


My name is Luis Leon. I’m a vascular and endovascular surgeon and I work in Tucson, Arizona. This was a concise presentation on varicose vein disease. A wrapping, closing message to the audience, I will encourage healthcare providers and even patients in general to know that there’s therapies available to what’s called leg pain and varicose veins. A lot of people are, let me step back and say that we’ve been told that we are treating 5% of all people that are treatable in a certain community at one point in time. So when you see people engaging in turf battles as to, I want to have all the vein care in this town, is silly because we’re just talking the tip of the iceberg. There’s 95% of these patients hiding in their houses. And just thinking that this is an aging process, that leg aches are a matter of aging, and this is something that you are destined to have, but I will tell you that (?) is available, that fairly quick, safe core insurance that can actually dramatically change your life as far as the symptoms. In the same lines, healthcare providers, not to just say compression stockings are all there is, but just inform yourself that there’s actually several other options that are once again, fairly simple. And yet (?) help the patients in general. I thank you so much for your time listening to this concise presentation on superficial venous disease. And if there’s any questions, we’ll be happy to see you in our team of vascular offices. Thank you.

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