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Varicose Veins – Removal

December 22, 2020


And sometimes more often than not patients come with malfunction of the main vein, that saphenous vein I described, but also they come with very visible varicose veins everywhere and their legs are full with these varicose veins. So there’s two ways to manage them. One of them is shutting down the membrane with the hopes that everything is going to acquiesce and kind of shrink down and flood it out. And a lot of people choose that or you can actually shut down the membrane and one by one remove all those ugly varicose veins. Some people choose that because they just want to say they want to see one intervention and be taken care of with everything. And so that’s patient’s choice, but we can do both in the outpatient setting, shut down the membrane and remove all those varicose veins one by one and pick one by one with very tiny incisions. That’s also ambulatory and outpatient setting.

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