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Varicose Veins – Risk Factors

December 22, 2020


“What does that mean for a patient that their veins are enlarged? By explaining you the mechanism of how they become enlarged, we can end up understanding why the symptoms are produced. And first I want to go over to their risk factors for these problems to happen. And one of them is, once again, genetically. One of them is just that you inherited these problems from your parents. And these runs in your family. More often than not, when you ask these two patients, they come saying that their moms were affected, their sister. Actually my mom had their vein strip. My sister just had them injected, or so forth. And so this a very, very strong genetic component to this. A second issue that will make your veins exposed is just being a woman. Fortunately for us, women are much more affected, not to say that there’s thousands of men also affected, the women in general and is thought to be because of hormonal processes, are more affected to have varicose veins. In those lines, oral contraceptives are another risk factor for this problem.

And the more pregnancies these women have, the more prone they are for varicose vein disease. And the thought is fairly simple. The thought is the more times that uterus grows with their babies, they’re more forced. The blood is actually fighting to return to the heart. And so that makes them prone to spaces and the veins cannot dilate with time. And so it’s not frequent to hear the ladies come after 11 pregnancies or 13 pregnancies with these huge varicose veins. And that’s certainly a risk factor for that. Other less strongly related factors are obesity. And that is kind of obvious too, the more weight you’re fighting for the blood to come back, the moderate risk factor. Jobs that entitled you to stay up in your legs most of the time, waitresses, housekeepers, surgeons, there’s some job related issues also with element of varicose veins.”

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