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Varicose Veins – Surgical vs. Medical Treatment

December 23, 2020


Superficial vein insufficiency has, like many other conditions, a medical arm of therapy and a surgical arm of therapy. And that is dictated by the symptoms or the level of severity of the patient’s complaints. The mainstay of therapy for superficial vein uncomplicated disease, and I’m gonna explain that in a few seconds is once again, compression, stockings and symptomatics medication, meaning that the mere presence of varicose veins, with no pain, no swelling or any other condition that may be bothering that patient, the mere presence of varicose veins does not require surgical therapy. Now you might say cosmetically, some people will request a removal of the varicose veins, and that is actually done often in a kind of practice. But if the patient is not usually males, if you are not really affected, by the way your legs look, you have no pain and you have no swelling. There’s no indication to attack that patient with surgeries. That patients can do well with a use of compression stockings alone. The one thing I will not do for that patient is to tell him you don’t need anything and just go on with your life because the natural history of these problems is to progress and from varicose veins uncomplicated can actually become a complicated problem if you don’t offer therapy. And that therapy is compression stockings.

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