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Vertigo – Testing

December 17, 2020


The different tests that a patient would go through for a vestibular evaluation, includes an audiologic evaluation, a VNG or what’s called a video nice dagmography. Something called a VEMP, which is a vestibular evoked myogenic potential, and potentially a rotary chair evaluation. The audiologic evaluation is designed to assess a patient’s hearing and not only understand how well they can hear, but see how well they can understand speech. The VNG is a test where we put these large goggles on a patient’s face and we evaluate the ability of their brain to communicate with their eyes, their brain, and their ear, and how their brain responds to different body movements as well. The VEMP is another test that we use where we place electrodes on a patient’s neck and on their head. And we play a loud sound in their ear, and we’re actually able to measure a muscle response from that loud stimulus in their ear. These different tests allow us to look at the different parts of the balance system for a full, comprehensive evaluation. Some locations also offer something called a rotary chair test, which evaluates another component of the vestibular system.

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