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Warts – Causes

December 13, 2021


Children get warts more frequently than adults. That’s because our immune systems get better at fighting off diseases such as HPV as we get older. Children’s immune systems are not primed to fight off the virus, and that usually causes warts to form when they are cut and more injury prone. Anyone who’s immunosuppressed is more likely to get warts, because their immune system is generally not strong enough to fight off the virus on its own. Not only can the virus be transmitted from skin to skin, but it can also transfer from skin to object to skin. That means it’s important to protect yourself in places where the virus is more likely to be encountered. For example, plantar warts are often caused by walking in a community pool or communal shower without wearing flip flops. You can also pick up the virus by walking barefoot in a hotel room or through an airport screening area. Genital warts are transmitted through sexual activity.

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