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World Voice Day

January 24, 2021


Hi. My name is Dr. Craig Zalvan, and I’m a laryngologist at ENT and Allergy Associates. Going to talk to you today about World Voice Day, which is this year and every year on April 16th. The theme this year is “focus on your voice.” Our goal is to provide this video to help you be aware of some of the various voice problems, symptoms, and issues that can arise that affect our voices. World Voice Day was started in 1999 in Brazil by a group of voice doctors, speech therapists, and singing teachers who came together to create this day to raise awareness. And they created the Brazilian Voice Day. In 2002, the American Academy of Otolaryngology recognized this important event. And subsequently, we’ve had events every year since with over 900 events last year. This year, our goal is to provide this informational video to help you understand that there are people, laryngologists, who can help if you’re having any vocal issues. And ultimately our goal is to provide you with a voice that is strong, vibrant into your best voice for many years to come.

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