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LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements: Why They Matter – Episode 49

What are LinkedIn endorsements and why do they matter? Is your LinkedIn profile doing you any favors, or getting you any opportunities? Would anyone recognize you professionally based on your profile?

In this episode, I talk about the importance of LinkedIn as a professional platform (especially if you’ve got some career ambitions) and specifically about endorsements on LinkedIn – what they are, why you need them, and how to do them the right way.  I explain how to deliberately showcase your skill sets to enhance your profile and attract that next leadership opportunity or career pivot. If you’re ready to let LinkedIn do some of the hard work for you, join me on this episode!

In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:

  • How to highlight your best transferable skills on your profile
  • Why it matters who you are endorsing for what, and who endorses you [hint: mutual connections boost your social proof]
  • How endorsements may be one of the easiest ways to keep your network powerful, fresh, and connected

By the end of this episode, you’ll have a different way of thinking about your LinkedIn profile, how you showcase your skills and deepen the social proof around your top skills. I cover four reasons why you should be concerned about and cultivating endorsements.

“I’m just really excited to be doing this together with other physicians looking for non clinical careers with a focus on their LinkedIn profile.” – Marjorie Stiegler

In this Episode:

[2:00] Not already using LinkedIn? Why it is one of the most powerful professional sites
[3:30] What I was doing wrong on my profile (as so many doctors do!) [Episode 26 for more]
[5:15] Job searching on LinkedIn
[6:40] How recruiters use LinkedIn, and how to make that work for you [Episode 29 for more]
[8:30] Showcasing your transferable skills (for the job you want!)
[10:00] People are searching you by name, AND they’re searching for experts by SKILL
[11:40] Don’t be shady – legitimate endorsements are the only way to go
[12:50] The right endorsements skyrocket social proof and trust – here’s how
[13:55] This micro-act helps keep your network fresh and powerfully connected (and it’s so EASY)
[15:00] Facebook group about LinkedIn for physicians – if you can get in, better join now!

Links and Resources:

The Branding Rx 18 hours of CME, mastering digital strategies for advancing your career, building your business, and growing your professional brand
Physicians LinkedIn Popup Jan 2021 Facebook Group
Episode 26: How To Use LinkedIn for Doctors: 5 Profile Tips
Episode 29: Why Use a Physician Recruiter? 5 Things You Need to Know



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