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Physician Brand Makeover: Bendy Bodies and HypermobilityMD- Episode 32

This is the third in a series about professional branding, and today we’re focused on how your brand is conveyed on a website. I chose this topic because I’m often asked questions like:

What should I put on my physician website? What doesn’t belong on my website?  How do I make my brand clear on my website?

I’m going to be building off of Episodes 30 and 31. We have already addressed what professional branding is (and what it isn’t), and we addressed some examples of what a good professional brand looks like using a four-part framework for communicating your professional brand. If you missed those, go back now!


In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:

  • How to figure out what belongs on your website (and where it goes!)
  • How to make it clear who you are and who you help
  • A critique of a real physician’s website!


Breaking News!!  

I’m so excited to let you know that my course The Branding Prescription is now accredited for 18 hours of CME – that’s a lot!  And it’s worth it, because this is a comprehensive 12-week course. It’s a digital strategy and business marketing mixed with career advancement and personal development.  It’s been a super popular course for several years, and now CME is the icing on that cake – check it out!





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