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Smoking Cessation

April 28, 2020

When discussing smoking cessation with patients, I often have a simple argument. For my business in cardiovascular medicine, smoking is good. Smokers are a major percentage of my patients.  Therefore, to stay busy, I ought to promote smoking.  However, my oath is to do the best for the patient. Therefore, it is imperative that I get my point across on the importance of smoking cessation in reducing future morbidity for the individual.

Most importantly, I impress on the patients:


  • Some quit after they die – Too late.
  • Some quit after they get cancer – Too late.
  • Some quit after a heart attack or heart surgery – Too late.
  • Some quit when the doctor tells them – Too late.
  • Some quit now or never start – BEST CHOICE.

This approach has helped me achieve significant success in getting patients to stop smoking.

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