Health Around The World

Mobile Health vs. Tuberculosis and AIDS in Tanzania

Mobile health technology is revolutionizing healthcare service delivery for people living with HIV and TB in Tanzania.

Disease Outbreaks

Measles and Rubella Around the World

Measles and rubella are diseases that were primarily eradicated through the development of vaccines but global outbreaks are surfacing again.

Health Around The World

An App That Empowered Women and Saved Lives in Kenya

Community health workers in Kenya are using a mobile app to reach communities and provide assistance to people in need.

Health Around The World

Fighting Dengue in Honduras

The Honduras dengue outbreak is the worst in recent memory. Dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes and can bring muscle fatigue.

Health Around The World

Agricultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiated an Agricultural Development initiative to reduce hunger and poverty for millions.

Health Around The World

Protecting Children from Secondhand Smoke

65,000 children die each year from secondhand smoke-related illnesses - what can be done to protect children from secondhand smoke?

Health Around The World

Fighting Rabies with Dog Collars in the Dominican Republic

To combat rabies in the Dominican Republic, the CDC put GPS trackers in local dog collars to find out where the infected dogs were coming from.

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