Lung Health

How Bad is Secondhand Smoke?

Even for non-smokers, secondhand smoke can pose serious health risks including impairing vascular function - even if exposed for just a brief period of time.


COVID-19 & Air Pollution

Studies show that air pollution facilitates transmission of COVID-19 and that improving air quality can play an important role in overcoming the pandemic.


New Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

The USPSTF announced in March 2021 that they were updating their recommended guidelines for lung cancer screening.

Lung Health

Wildfires and Lung Disease

The 2020 wildfires throughout the United States West Coast presented another challenge for patients with chronic lung disease

Lung Health

Can Air Pollution Be As Harmful As Smoking?

A study has found that long-term exposure to air pollution is “significantly associated” with the development of lung damage commonly seen with smoking.

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