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Avocado Oil For Skin Care?

January 2, 2023
Medically reviewed by Susan Kerrigan, MD, Karyn Eilber, MD, and Marianne Madsen on January 2, 2023

Skin-care products can be pricey (it’s estimated that the average woman spends $3,756 each year on improving her looks), and if you’re spending hundreds of dollars each month just to have good-looking skin, you may be considering alternatives. Luckily, various natural remedies exist to give the skin a youthful look. One of these is avocado oil, made from the same delicious fruit used in salads and other foods.


How can avocado oil help my skin?


Avocados contain high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins. These are all very beneficial when consumed, and it turns out they protect the skin as well. Many skin creams and moisturizers on the market contain avocado oil for this exact reason. Let’s break down the different compounds in the avocado and see what they do:


  • Vitamin E is particularly important in skin care because it is an antioxidant. This vitamin has been shown to contribute to healthy, glowing skin.
  • Vitamin A, another vitamin in avocados, restores youth to the skin just like vitamin E.
  • Vitamin D, another vitamin contained in avocado oil, is also introduced into the body via sunlight. But too much sun can actually damage the skin. So why not stay out of the sun and rub some vitamin D-rich avocado oil on your skin instead?
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, which avocados have in abundance, have numerous skin-care benefits as well. They’re also very good for your heart. 
  • Beta-carotene, mainly found in carrots, but is also in avocados, has been shown to protect the skin.
  • Finally, lecithin, which is present in various food sources including avocados, makes the skin softer and smoother. For this reason, it’s used in most skin-care products.


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Sources of Omega 3

Sources of Omega 3

How can I use avocado oil to rejuvenate my skin?


Once you’ve picked up a bottle of avocado oil from your local health food store (which typically ranges from $10 to $20), all you need to do is rub it on your skin. You can use it on your arms as well as your face. If you don’t want to give up your professional skin-care salves and lotions, you can even add some avocado oil to your favorite skin cream. And yes, just eating avocados will help your skin, too.


If you’re a fan of cooking with avocados, then you don’t even need to go out and buy a bottle of oil. Simply save the peel from your avocados, turn it inside out, and rub it on your face. Wash your face after 15 minutes or so. 

Do you have a dry, itchy scalp or dandruff? Try using avocado oil. Mix a bit of oil with warm water and massage it into your scalp before bed. In the morning, don’t be surprised if your scalp feels good as new.


Who knows, you might even be able to reduce the entirety of your daily skin-care routine to a few minutes of avocado oil treatment!

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