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The Best Menopause Apps to Empower Women

Natan Rosenfeld Natan Rosenfeld May 2, 2021

Many women look upon “that time” in life with dread–that time where hormones begin to fluctuate, metabolism starts to slow, and sex just isn’t what it used to be–and may even be painful. “That time,” of course, is menopause, and all women go through it at some point. 


Going through menopause is the natural course of events, and some women have more difficulties navigating through it than others. However, for some women, it’s a difficult time. No matter how it happens for you, there are tools and resources available to make the transition smoother. Besides medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes, one increasingly popular method of managing menopause is through mobile apps. Here are some of the best apps out there that will transform the way you handle your menopause.




Caria is a popular menopause management app for iOS devices. The app allows you to track your symptoms to monitor your health over time, gives you menopause-friendly recipes and workout routines, and lets you connect with other women via an online question-and-answer forum and discussion hub. 


The app is free, but offers a premium subscription for $49.99 a year that unlocks a wide variety of expert-created programs to give you even greater control over your menopause symptoms. 


Download Caria on the Apple App Store. (4.5/5 stars)


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Menopause - Definition

Menopause - Definition

Health & Her


Health & Her takes a different approach to menopause management. It includes several alternative techniques to treat various symptoms of menopause, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for hot flashes, night sweats, and depression. There’s also guided imagery meditation for insomnia and deep breathing for stress and anxiety.


Don’t worry if you feel a bit overwhelmed by everything included. All of the exercises in the Health & Her app are guided, meaning you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. 


Health & Her also offers the standard symptom tracking tools as well as a menstrual cycle monitor for perimenopausal women. The app is free to use, but various “clinically proven” supplements and menopause products are available to purchase through the Health & Her website.


Download Health & Her on Google Play. (4.1/5 stars)




Going through menopause can be alienating. Many women feel that they have no one to connect with or relate to during this natural but demanding time in their lives. Perry aims to change this–through female-exclusive chat groups where women can share their experiences and get advice.


The app’s interface is similar to that of other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, so new members will feel right at home. Users can post status updates and even like or comment on other members’ posts. But Perry differs from conventional social media in that it offers an expert-led menopause discussion panel within the app as well as articles and tutorials on the subject.


Perry is free to use. Download it on the Apple App Store. (4.7/5 stars)


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Menopause - Medical Management

Menopause - Medical Management



Bearable is a straightforward and easy-to-use mood and symptom tracker. It’s not specifically designed with menopause in mind, but the app is often used by menopausal and perimenopausal women to monitor their health and wellbeing–both physical and mental. 


Bearable lets you log all sorts of data, including sleep, exercise, medications, and daily activities so you can truly get to the bottom of how your menopause is affecting you. The app syncs with other health apps too, like Sleep and Steps, to give you an even more detailed picture. 


Finally, after recording all of your health factors for a period of time, Bearable will give you personalized insights on your mental and physical wellbeing. This is presented in the form of useful graphs, charts, and other statistics. Bearable’s insights can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to deal with the symptoms and their patterns that you’ve been struggling to pinpoint.


Bearable is available for iOS and Android devices for free, although a premium mode is available which unlocks various features. Download it on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. (4.9/5 stars)

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