At What Ages Should Women Get Mammograms?

At What Ages Should Women Get Mammograms?

December 14, 2021
Everett Bonner, MD
Everett Bonner, MD

Breast Surgery



The big question that women ask me is, “When do I start my mammograms?” Right now, all societies and those that treat breast cancer say that age 40 is when we should start. And in my practice and most practices and people who understand the disease of breast cancer agree: age 40 is where we should start for the average risk woman. And they should do those every year until you cannot do those anymore.


Some people say cut off at 80, but life expectancy is greater than 80 now. I have 90 year olds that drive to their appointments and see me. I think they should still get their mammograms because they’re still an active contributor to our community and the lives of their families. And so I want to detect something early, even for a 90 year old, because what if she gets to 100, I don’t want to have her not make her hundredth birthday.


Key Takeaways

1. 40 is the accepted age for average risk women to start getting mammograms every year.

2. Some people say to stop mammograms at 80 but with people living longer, they should still get them.