December 14, 2021
Everett Bonner, MD
Everett Bonner, MD

Breast Surgery



You had your biopsy. You’re waiting by the phone for that call. You get the call and you hear those words: “Cancer.”


Everything just stops. Your life stops. Your heart almost skips a beat. “What do I do?” It’s a journey because now your whole life has changed. You’re scared, cancer, “what does this mean? Am I going to die?” Everybody goes through that in their head.


“Am I going to see my kids’ graduation? Am I going to be here next year?” But it’s going to be okay.


Most breast cancers with screening are now caught very early, and we have incredible treatment options for you. When you go see your breast surgeon, we’re going to go over your diagnosis and we’re going to give you the best care, so that you can be at that graduation. So that you can be at your 20th anniversary, or you’re going to watch your grandkids grow. We’re going to take care of you, and that’s why you need to do early screening so we can catch these cancers extremely early.


Key Takeaways

1. A breast cancer diagnosis changes your life but treatments can help you.

2. Most breast cancers are caught very early with screening.

3. Early screening is so important to catch breast cancer early.