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Gallbladder Removal – Doctor-Patient Discussion



The signs of the gallbladder disease relate to the abdominal pain. And once the abdominal pain does begin, then your surgeon should give strong consideration towards removal of the gallbladder. That of course requires an extensive discussion, because even a minor surgery — not that gallbladder surgery is a minor surgery — but any type of surgery, even removal of a simple lump, requires a considerable discussion with the surgeon. You should feel absolutely comfortable with the doctor that cares for you or for your loved one. So to emphasize the importance of trust and rapport is very important. Because as much as you get, as much energy as you get from your doctor, I promise you that your doctor gets as much energy from you. And this collaboration between the patient and the doctor, between the family of the patients and the doctor, becomes a real partnership. A partnership that frequently lasts, in my experience, already I have patients that I’ve treated or their family members for 30, 35 years. So this is exactly what we need is that kind of rapport, that kind of trust, that kind of an ability to have a partnership that will yield the best possible results.

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