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Gallbladder Removal – Hospitalization



So most of the time, patients do not want to stay in the hospital, which is great. And we work with our patients in that regard. And fortunately, most of the time after the gallbladder surgery, the patients will go home the same day. They will go home after we see that they’re okay, there is no evidence of bleeding, there is no evidence of any other complications. You shouldn’t be driving home, you shouldn’t be taking a bus home. So there’s one time that you really need to rely on those who love you. Your friends, you really need to have someone to take you home. Most of the time, unless there are complications, you will go home, but sometimes a surgeon or a doctor or whoever is taking care of you may decide that it’s appropriate for you to stay and be observed. You have to have that relationship with your healthcare provider that you will trust. If they want you to stay, you stay until the time is safe for you to go home. We don’t want to rush. Nobody will rush you out of the hospital until you are ready.

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