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Gallstones – Symptoms



You can ask, “How do I know that I have gallbladder problems?” Well, you may not know. And sometimes because of some symptoms that you might’ve had, your doctors might have sent you for a sonogram or a CAT scan, and lo and behold, they find that you have gallstones. And they will send you to the surgeon. And the surgeon should ask you very carefully about any symptoms or any signs of gallbladder disease. For example, do you have pain in the area underneath the right ribs? Are you able to eat a pizza slice without having any pain? If you have no abdominal pain, if you have no symptoms associated with any abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and all you have are the gallstones diagnosed purely by chance, then there is nothing that you need, except you need to have an observation by a qualified doctor who’s going to keep an eye on you.

As long as you understand that once you do have gallstones, the symptoms potentially may start. Can you do anything to lessen the possibility? I think the key thing is stress on, or emphasis, rather, on healthy lifestyle. Mild exercise, whatever exercise your doctor will recommend to you, to the extent that your heart, your lungs, can tolerate, and healthier foods. Please remember that there is a lot of things we cannot control such as for example, the gallbladder stone formation. But then you can certainly control other aspects of your health. And that includes healthy diet, a diet rich in fibers and vitamins and less fat, less red meats. These are the key. Some things you can do, some things, it doesn’t matter what you do, they will happen or not.

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