High BMI In Children May Increase Bladder Cancer Risk

A recent study saw that high body mass index (BMI) in children was positively associated with bladder cancer risk later in life.

Could Small Red Blood Cells Indicate Cancer?

Can Nicotine Spread Cancer from the Lungs to the Brain?


Cancer - Lifestyle Risk Factors

Cancer - Excessive Alcohol Intake

Cancer - Smoking

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Ureteral Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors



Cancer-Causing Pollution in Low-Income and Black Communities

Many areas are still hit hard by the effects of cancer-causing air pollution--low-income and black communities in particular.


Cancer and Atrial Fibrillation

A new study has shown that not only are cancer and atrial fibrillation linked, certain cancers may increase one’s risk of the latter.


Is Heart Disease Linked To Cancer?

According to a new study published by the American Heart Association, heart disease and cancer may be linked.



Alcohol & Cancer: What's The Link?

Some studies say alcohol can reduce your risk of cancer, while others suggest the opposite. What's the link between alcohol and cancer?


Red Meat Risk: Can Steak Give You Cancer?

Research suggests that regular consumption of red meat could increase your cancer risk. But how much is too much?


Cancer Risk Increases for Couch Potatoes

It shouldn't come as a surprise that those who lead sedentary lifestyles - sometimes called "couch potatoes" - have an increased cancer risk.

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