Alternative Treatments for Cancer: Do They Work?

If you or a loved one are battling cancer, the most important consideration about alternative treatments for cancer is: Do they work?

New Drug Shows Promise In Ovarian Cancer

Light Therapy For Malignant Lung Cancer


Cancer - Active Surveillance

Cancer - Adjuvant Therapy

Cancer - Palliative Treatments

Cancer - Radiation Types

Cancer - Definitive Treatments and Neoadjuvant Therapy

Cancer - Chemotherapy

Cancer - Immunotherapy

Cancer - Bevacizumab

Cancer - Surgery, Radiation and Systemic Therapy

Cancer - Therapy Timeline

Cancer - Targeted Therapy

Cancer - Platinum Therapy

Cancer - Infection Treatment

Cancer - Stem Cell Transplant



Common Drug Treatments for Colorectal Cancer: An Overview

If you have colorectal cancer and decide to undergo chemotherapy, there are a number of different drug treatments available to you.


What Is Immunotherapy?

Contrary to other cancer treatments, immunotherapy seeks to use the body's own defense system and rally it against the invader.


What Is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation can cause cancer in high doses, but in lower doses it can actually treat it. So what is radiation therapy and how is it used?

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