Highly Effective Multiple Sclerosis Therapies vs. Older Therapies

Treatments for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) include the highly effective treatment early approach (HET) and the wait and see approach.


Chronic Pain and Neurological Disorders: Is There a Link?

A 2021 study has linked chronic pain to an increased risk of neurological disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.

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Back Pain: Is It Mind Over Matter?

Research shows that in dealing with back pain, mindfulness and stress reduction can help alleviate symptoms and yield positive results.


Devices For Migraine Relief

Over the past decade, new devices for migraine relief have been introduced. So how do they work, and are they effective? Let's find out.


Neuroanatomy of Trigeminal Neuralgia Predicts Treatment Response

A 2020 study has given doctors a set of distinct characteristics that can be used for a fast and correct diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia.


Technology For Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers

GTX Medical, a MedTech company that develops innovative devices and therapies, has started work on a groundbreaking new treatment for spinal cord injuries.


Posture and Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem, especially as people get older, but there are ways to promote good posture that can help prevent symptoms.

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