Felecia Froe, MD

Founding Medical Partner

Dr. Froe is a respected physician with over 20 years of experience in the medical field who is passionate about effective communication in health care and sees the need for patients to have better communication with their doctors. Her company “18 Seconds for Health” was founded out of her frustrations with the current medical practice environment where doctors have less time to spend with patients.


Felecia Froe, M.D. is an extremely driven real estate syndicator who has successfully raised funds for several social impact real estate investments since the beginning of her career in 2004. She considers herself a “transformation syndicator” who has experienced the ups and downs of the real estate market and learned valuable lessons on how to work to strategically position investments for maximum ROI. But more than a real estate syndicator, Dr. Froe has made it her mission to guide and inspire physicians and professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom outside of the stock market through social impact real estate investing.


With a solid understanding of what it takes to build profitable real estate investments, Felecia possesses a track record of developing long-lasting, trusting relationships with investors, and investing for social good has been of the utmost importance throughout her career while embracing the core values of integrity, competence, and quality service.


  • One of the first 100 female urologists in the united states
  • Making a difference through social impact real asset investment
  • Through her company Money With Mission, she empowers professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom




  • University of Missouri School of Medicine
  • University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics – Internship and Urologic Training
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