Nathan Merriman, MD

Founding Medical Partner

Dr. Nate Merriman is a Gastroenterology Physician who has joined our Doctorpedia team as a Founding Medical Partner and as one of the Chief Medical Officers for our Gut Health Channel.  Dr. Merriman grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia, attended Brown University for college, and completed his medical school training at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  He then moved to Philadelphia with his wife where they both finished their residency and fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania, his wife is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician.  He and his wife have been in medical practice for over 12 years.


Dr. Merriman has integrated his own experiences as a patient, parent, and physician in his approach to working with patients, their families, and other clinicians as teammates in patient-centered health.  He has a strong interest in colon cancer prevention as well as esophageal motility and reflux treatment.  He believes in human centered design in healthcare with continually improving the experience of healthcare for both clinicians and patients.  Dr. Merriman sees Doctorpedia as a teammate in health for patients by helping to provide accurate health information to patients and enabling and empowering patients to learn more about their symptoms, illnesses, and medical evaluation and treatment options and bring these ideas to their clinical care teammates to work together on their care plan design.


Nate, his wife Jen, their four children, Kaitlin, Brooke, Ryan, and Tyler, and their family dog Bailey live in Utah where they enjoy hiking, skiing, and traveling as a family.

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