Sanjay Juneja, MD

Founding Medical Partner

  • Trained and triple specialized in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology
  • National speaker on immune therapy in lung, head and neck, and renal cell carcinoma for Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Doctorpedia, Founding Medical Partner & Chief Medical Officer of Oncology
  • Served on LSU School of Medicine Admissions Committee where he attended and served as Student Body President


Dr. Sanjay Juneja is a triple board certified Hematologist & Medical Oncologist serving as Chief of Oncology Service at Baton Rouge General Hospital, and a Founding Medical Partner of where he serves as Chief Medical Officer of the Oncology Channel. Dr. Juneja is a social media educator & medical influencer with 500,000+ followers known as ‘TheOncDoc’, and has been featured by The Washington Post, dozens of national podcasts and regional news channels (PBS, CBS, NBC, NPR), and social media appearances for MTV, PureWow, DailyMail, and Dr. Mike.


Dr. Juneja is a published co-author in medical journal journals, hosts two country-wide podcasts and has partnered nationally with the American Cancer Society, BeTheMatch, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Community Oncology Alliance, and was the Keynote Speaker for Canada’s Young Adults with Cancer’s national survivor conference in 2021.  He was awarded Business Report’s Forty under 40 as the only physician recipient of the 2021 class, and has a passion for education and believes the thing healthcare needs most is collaboration between patients and professionals to best empower others with knowledge so they can strive in concert to lead healthier and more confident lives.


Additional Roles:


  • Site director & heme-onc teaching faculty for the internal medicine residency program in Baton Rouge
  • Medical Social Media Creator with 325,000+ followers (‘TheTikDoc’ and ‘TheOncDoc‘) providing education and entertainment to empower those about their health


What inspired Dr. Juneja to make cancer knowledge obtainable to people on a wide scale:

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