Breast Cancer

I. Overview


What Is Breast Cancer?

What Types Of Breast Cancer Are There?

How Are Breast Cancers Categorized?

How Common Is Breast Cancer?


II. Causes


What Causes Breast Cancer?

How Can I Prevent Breast Cancer?

How Often Should I Have Exams?

Is Breast Cancer Genetic?

What About Family History?


III. Symptoms & Signs


What Are The Signs & Symptoms?

What Else Could It Be?


IV. Diagnosis


What Goes Into A Diagnosis?

What Are The Stages of Breast Cancer?

When Should I Get An MRI?

Do I Need An MRI?

When Do I Start A Mammogram?

What Does A Mammogram Look For?

What If The Mammogram Is Abnormal?

What Is A 3D Mammogram?

Will I Need An Ultrasound?

What About A PET Scan?

What Is Paget’s Disease?

What Is DCIS?

What If I Have HER2 Positive Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer?


V. Treatment


What Types Of Treatment Are There?

What Will My Breast Surgeon Do In The First Clinical Examination?

What Is Radiation?

What HER2-Positive Drugs Are There?

What Are The Surgeries For Breast Cancer?

What Is A Lumpectomy (Breast Conserving Therapy)?

What Types Of Mastectomy Are There?

What Is A Risk Reduction Mastectomy?

When Would A Mastectomy Be Recommended?

Do I Need Mammograms After A Mastectomy?

What Are The Chances Treatment Will Be A Success?

What Is Palliative Care?

What Is Used For Pain Management In Palliative Care?

What Are My Chances Of Lymphedema?

What Goes Into Chemotherapy?

What If I Respond To Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy?

What Happens After Surgery?

What Is A Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy?

What If They Find Abnormal Lymph Nodes?

What Is Extranodal Extension?

What Are Drains?

What Is 3D Nipple Tattooing?


VI. Follow Up & Monitoring


What If My Appetite Goes Away?

What About My Mental Health?

Will It Come Back?

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