Gut Health

What Foods Can Prevent Heartburn?

Heartburn may be unpleasant but it is manageable and there are foods that you can eat and avoid to help prevent future heartburn effects.

Gut Health

How To Keep a Fiber-Rich Diet

Keeping a fiber-rich diet can help a person's overall health, whether it means finding foods that are high in fiber or using supplements.

Gut Health

Gut Health and Overall Health: How Your Gut Microbiome Affects Your Body

Science has proven that much of the bacteria within the gut (commonly referred to as the gut microbiome) is beneficial and plays a protective role.

Gut Health

Dietary Tips For A Healthy Gut

Some dietary and lifestyle tips for keeping a healthy gut include finding probiotics and emulsifiers, eating fruits and vegetables, and reducing stress.

Chronic Conditions

Diets To Help People With IBS

Diet definitely is a major way to alleviate the symptoms of IBS. A food diary, symptom chart, and the low-FODMAP diet have shown potential to help people.

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