L-Theanine for Sleep and Anxiety

The research shows that L-theanine can in fact be beneficial for insomnia and may be useful in reducing stress.


Sleep Tips: Eat This, Not That

How’s your sleep? If you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, there are things you can do, starting with your diet.


Slumber and Snacking

A new study suggests that lack of sleep affects how much we eat and when we eat. Here’s what the research says about slumber and snacking.


How Do The Foods You Eat Impact Your Sleep?

What you eat can really impact how you sleep. It's not just caffeine - many dietary factors can affect your sleep habits.


All About Melatonin and Sleep

Is Melatonin - a popular sleep aid - a good idea for people who have insomnia and how does it actually work?


Is CBD A Good Idea For Insomnia?

Studies show that while there is no strong evidence yet that CBD is a legitimate treatment for insomnia, the chemical shows promise


Natural Sleep Aids: What Does The Science Say?

If you just can’t manage to fall asleep, try out some natural sleep aids: herbs, extracts, and supplements marketed to help you doze off.


Eat To Sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping, there are different drinks and foods that you can use to help your body get much needed rest.


Natural Supplements For Sleep Aid

No matter which natural supplement for sleep aid you choose, do your research. Buy high-quality products and start off with low doses

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