Lifestyle Effects

Standard Time vs Daylight Saving Time

Dr. Smita Patel explores the concept of Daylight Savings time vs standard time, and how this affects the health of our society.

Lifestyle Effects

Getting Over Jet Lag

Many people suffer from jet lag while traveling and lose sleep. What are the causes and what can be done to prevent it?

Lifestyle Effects

The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Depression

Researchers are now exploring a potential link between sleep apnea and depression - is there a connection?

Lifestyle Effects

How Blue Light and Intensity of Light Impacts Circadian Rhythms

If you’re wondering how blue light and intensity of light impacts circadian rhythms, here’s how, along with some tips to reduce its impact.

Heart Health

Sleep and Heart Health

You may not have connected sleep and heart health, but not getting enough sleep may be as bad for your ticker as being overweight or smoking.

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