How To Make The Office Environment More Healthy

The average American works in an office environment, which can lead to all sorts of mental and physical health issues. How do we make it more healthy?


Desk Setup Explained

Working all day at a desk can lead to discomfort and pain. This guide to desk ergonomics can help people learn the basics to stay as pain-free as possible.


Combating Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be all too common for desk workers but there are some prevention and treatment measures that can help.


Desk Related Wrist Pain

Many office workers experience wrist pain as a result of working at a desk - learn about the causes and symptoms from a trusted expert.


How To Work From Home

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people are working from home for the first time. Learn about how to get the right equipment, work/life balance, and more to do this successfully.


Infectious Diseases in the Modern World

Modern technology and lifestyles make infectious diseases even more dangerous because of office environments, public transportation, and other factors.


All About Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an affliction that can greatly impact your life - learn about how to avoid serious nerve damage.


Improving Your Grip: The Promise of Ultrasound and Laser Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research is opening up new avenues of noninvasive treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) including ultrasound therapy and low-level laser therapy.

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