FDA Clears Digital Stethoscope For AFib and Heart Murmurs

The FDA has cleared a digital stethoscope by a company named Eko that uses machine learning and AI technology to detect heart murmurs and atrial fibrillation


Weighted Blankets: Bear Hugs For Sleep

Weighted blankets can help people fall asleep by applying a hug-like pressure to combat anxiety and provide a calming effect.


Blue Light Special

Blue light is a spectrum of light that can come from technological devices and keep you from getting the sleep that you need.


Being Technology-Free Can Set You Free

With all of the new gadgets in today's world, going technology-free sometimes might help you feel more energized and productive.


Wearables – So Much More Than The Classic Stethoscope

Wearable devices are becoming extremely common and can really help people monitor important health information and stay healthy.


Look-Good Gizmos: Gadgets and Cosmetic Surgery

Technology has provided new devices that can help you look good, whether it's your hair, skin, teeth, or another body part.


Vaping and Health Risks

Although e-cigarettes and vaping may be an option to get people off of classic tobacco use, it still has potentially devastating health effects.


Using Your Phone to Stay Healthy

Phones are a big part of our daily lives and there are a variety of ways that we can use them to manage and improve physical and mental health.


There’s an App for That: Improving Back Pain Treatment with Tech

Apps can be helpful for treating low back pain. One study looked at the app Kaia and explored how it helped patients improve back pain.


Can Technology Prevent or Reduce Heart Attacks?

You might be able to use technology like smartphones to help you self-monitor your heart rate and potentially prevent or reduce heart attacks.


Can Video Game Play Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Though it isn’t likely that video game play will cause carpal tunnel syndrome, take breaks when doing repetitive movements during work or play.

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