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Are Robots Taking Over? Robotics in Healthcare and Medicine

Robots are not science fiction anymore - they are being used in various capacities in healthcare including caregiving, surgery, and rehabilitation.


Ok, Google, What’s the Future of Health Care?

Google has been a world leader in showing how a global corporation can prioritize health and wellbeing with its devices - learn about the latest ones.


Improving Your Brain’s Hard Drive: Chip Implants

Scientists are developing technologies that are on the horizon that will act like a hard drive chip in your brain.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing aid technologies like cochlear implants and hearing aids are really helping people who experience hearing loss and impairment.


3D Printing: Sci-Fi or Reality?

3D printing is not just a cool technology, it also can help save lives with its scientific and medical uses.


We Can Rebuild: Technology and Rehabilitation

Robotics is revolutionizing the way people recover from serious injuries and can help in rehabilitation.

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