Heart Health

Does Practicing Self-Compassion Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Recent research suggests that practicing self-compassion can lower our risk of heart disease in addition to mental health benefits.

General Care & Birthmarks

Skin Care Basics

Here are the basics on how to avoid damage to your skin and get a fresh, glowing look without shelling out big bucks on luxury skin care products.

Personal Care

The Toxic Side of Beauty

Recent studies examining the toxicity of beauty products, especially the toxicity of hair dye, have had troubling results. So how dangerous are they?

Personal Care

Female Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Alopecia is often thought to be almost exclusively a male condition, however around 40 percent of Americans who suffer hair loss are women.

General Care & Birthmarks

Avocado Oil For Skin Care?

There are various natural skin care remedies out there. One of these is avocado oil, made from the same delicious fruit used in salads and other foods.

Personal Care

Mindfulness: Mental and Emotional Fitness

Anxiety can be treated with therapy and medication, but there is a time-honored treatment that doesn’t require a prescription. It’s called mindfulness.

General Care & Birthmarks

Debunking Skincare Myths

There are many myths out there when it comes to skin care. Unfortunately, many people believe them. Here are some common myths about skin care, debunked.

Personal Care

Body Hair: What To Expect & How To Deal With It

Almost every woman has worried about body hair at some point in her life, whether it’s hair in the bikini area, under the arms, or on the legs.

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