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A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# Is Going On Down There?

5 Must Know Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Not Hard but Not Unhappy

“Rocking but Rusty”

Understanding the Symptoms of Laryngeal Cancer

A Plea to Primary Care Providers

You’ve Probably Had Herpes

10 Reasons Why Finasteride is the Best Drug Ever

Memento Mori


Bladder and the Bowel

When You Have Surgery and Can’t Pee Afterwards

“Junk” or “Jewels”


Don’t Know What You’ve Got

Are You One of the 7% of Healthy Americans?

Why is Nutrition So Disrespected in the Fight Against Chronic Disease?

Founding Medical Partner Interview

The Cures Act

What’s the Deal With ‘Morning Wood’?

Nurturing Placebo While Downplaying Nocebo

Founding Medical Partner Interview

Is There a Best Way to Treat Testosterone Deficiency?

When Your Dangling Aorta Only Dangles

Genital Friction Burns:

When your partner hurts you

The Super Power of Walking

Pregnancy should be a happy time, but sometimes its just hard

Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer

Founding Medical Partner Interview

Finasteride Revisited

What’s the Best Way to Treat Prostate Enlargement?

Female Stress Incontinence

Back to School

Sexual Dysfunction in Male Pre-Diabetics

Dental Porcelain Veneers

How do you brush properly

I Didn’t Use Protection and Paid Dearly

Getting On

Founding Medical Partner Interview

When the Pudge Doesn’t Budge

Recommended Diet for Urological Health

Founding Medical Partner Interview

Then and Now

“Is There a Doctor Onboard This Plane?”

Founding Medical Partner Interview

When Your Bladder Infection is Better, but It’s Not

Long Covid Short

Sexual Challenges of Middle Age and Beyond

Naturopathic Principles of Healing

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