Fruit and Weight Loss

Eating fruit instead of sugary processed foods is a great start and will definitely play a role in your weight-loss journey.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Supplements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Besides counting calories at the same time as doing Olympics-worthy exercise, there are many weight loss supplements out there. Do they work?

Weight Loss

More Than Just Diet and Exercise: Treating Obesity

Treating obesity is about more than just diet and exercise. Let's discuss why it's often more complex than you think.


What To Look For In Weight Loss Apps

Losing weight can be tricky, but apps are here to help. So what are the best weight loss apps and what should you look for?


Popular Weight-Loss Supplements: What Does The Science Say?

Let’s explore some of the most popular weight-loss supplements and see if their purported benefits hold up from a scientific perspective.

Weight Loss

Eat More, Weigh Less With These Top Foods

There are plenty of foods that are not just good for you but are filling as well. Here are some of the top foods for weight loss.


Popular Weight Loss Diets: What Does The Science Say?

Let’s break down some popular weight loss diets in depth by using scientific facts to form a conclusion on which one is most effective.


Popular Weight-Loss Workouts: What Does The Science Say?

Let’s explore a few of the popular weight loss workouts out there and find out, based on scientific evidence, which one is most helpful at burning fat.

Weight Loss

The Hidden Dangers of TOFI: Thin Outside/Fat Inside

What is Thin Outside/Fat Inside, or TOFI, a relatively unknown condition concealed behind a healthy BMI and seemingly ideal frame?


The Skinny About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular diet trend. What exactly is it used for, what are the best ways to get started, and most importantly––does it work?


Does A Vegan Diet Work For Weight Loss?

You’ve probably heard of the vegan diet, one of the world’s most popular eating regimens. The question is, does it work for weight loss?


Lose Weight and Feel Full with Mindfulness

What is mindfulness and how can you make it a part of your lifestyle? And most importantly, can minfdulness help you lose weight?

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Pills: Are They The Real Deal?

Everyone wants to lose weight, but no one wants to put in the work. Let's talk about weight loss pills and see if they're the real deal or a waste of money.

Weight Loss

Childhood Obesity: Are We Making Progress?

Childhood obesity has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to countless severe health effects and costing society billions. But are we making progress?


Weight Loss and Joint Replacement

Patients can work with their doctors to find healthy lifestyle changes that fit their habits and lifestyle before having joint replacement surgery.


On a Diet? Exercise May Prevent Overeating

Researchers found that participants in a weight-loss program who exercised regularly had a lower risk of consuming an excessive amount of calories.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Surgery Risks and Lifestyle Changes

Weight loss surgery can be great for some people but there are various risks involved and lifestyle changes that are required afterwards.


Small and Incremental Changes for a Lasting Effect

If you want to lose weight or make big lifestyle changes, it's best to try small and incremental changes for the effects to last.


Improving Cholesterol Levels With Exercise

Exercise can help lower cholesterol, either in conjunction with medications or, in many cases, replacing the drugs altogether.

Weight Loss

The Health at Every Size Movement

The "health at every size" movement says that note very person was meant to be the same size and that obsession with weight loss can be dangerous.


The Great Cost of Sleep Deprivation

Depriving your body of the sleep it needs can have devastating effects on your health and it is an epidemic that must be addressed.


Is “Fitspiration” Giving You Fits? Examining Social Media and Body Image

"Fitspiration" is common on social media but scientists say that it can have devastating effects on body image and mental health.

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